CD-Rom includes 195 hours of captivating slices of American History.

Re-live history through classic radio broadcasts! Great supplemental American history collection!!!

This is a 5 CD set containing 195 audio hours of classic radio broadcasts covering events in American history, from Leif Erickson to George Bush, Sr.! These CDís bring history to life for learners, young and old, with a variety of broadcast types to suit each taste. Selections include historical dramatizations, documentaries, live radio coverage of historical events, and audio-book-type serials, among others.

Contains 600+ broadcasts to choose from as desired, to supplement current topic of study, individual interest, or pure listening pleasure. Just a few examples are:

Comes with The Voices of American History Player for use on your Windows computer.

Actual size of program when running

Files may also be played on Windows or MAC computer with any MP3 player.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Who publishes "Voices of American History"?

A.  Voices of American History is self-published by i-Homeschool.com as a resource for the homeschool community.


Q.  Does it come with any written material?

A.  No.  The CD's are a stand-alone audio resource which compliment any American History study.  There is a text file, accessible from within the program that lists the complete contents of all 5 CD's.  You may want to print this out for easy reference.


Q.  Will these CD's play in my home or car stereo?

A.  The short answer is NO.  The CD's are self-contained, including the program needed to play them on any Windows compatible computer.  The audio files are in MP3 format, and can be played on a Windows or Mac computer (without the provided player/program) using many of the popular FREE downloads.

There are some personal, home and auto stereos beginning to come to market which have a capability to play MP3 files.  This equipment can be selective as to the requirements needed in the MP3 encoding process.  The result is that they may not play any/all of the files provided.  Therefore, we do not guarantee that these files will play in any MP3 player (other than the provided program on the CD).


If you still have questions, please email us at info@i-homeschool.com